Originally from New Zealand, Spencer Falls is the son of an orchardist and a fine artist. His parents, John and Leslie, instilled in him an appreciation for creativity and the land. It was his love for adventure that brought him to the states some 10 years ago. Lake Tahoe was his first port of call, and pursuing the dream of becoming a pro snowboarder. A few years and a few injuries later, he made his way across the country to Maine, where the intensity of working as a lobster fisherman fed the extremist inside of him. That chapter ran it's course and then it was time to return to the warm weather of the west coast, more specifically Los Angeles. Embarking on yet another challenging career optionβ€”acting. No different from any other acting career, Spencer experiences both peaks and valleys. But the valleys can can be gold and the best ideas can come from there. It was in one of those sporadic places that Spencer began to look for creative expression through another medium, and it was there that The Unlikely Florist was born!