From New Zealand to California

Before Spencer became The Unlikely Florist, he spent his childhood in New Zealand, a place he recalls as ‘the most beautiful place in the world.’ His childhood home was green and lush all year round, covered with dreamy vineyards, apple orchards, and farmlands. It’s these landscapes that inspire his creations.

Growing up, his mother worked as a fine artist, and exposed him to a variety of artistic mediums, empowering him and his brothers to explore all sorts of creative outlets.

In his early teens, Spencer spent time playing rugby and cricket, wakeboarding, apple-eating, camping, and watching cartoons.

"Just the usual stuff."

At 17, Spencer traded in apple-eating for snowboarding, and moved to Lake Tahoe in California. He traveled back and forth between there and New Zealand until he settled into Venice, California at the age of 20. He lives there today with his beloved truck, Untho.

Untho gave Spencer the freedom to share his floral arrangement with people of Venice.

When deciding what to call himself, he remembered that his friend Max had once suggested ‘The Unlikely Florist.’ So that’s what he became.

It wasn’t until later, that he realized he had made a mistake.

“The reality is that he'd actually called me ‘The Unexpected Florist,’ but my memory can be a little iffy, so there you have it.”


Spencer Falls