A Day in the Life of the Unlikely Florist

What does a typical day for the Unlikely Florist look like?

You're in for a treat. 

While most of us are cozied up in bed, well deep into our dreams, Spencer begins his day in downtown LA at 2am. That's right—you didn't misread. 2AM. He sizes up the selection, chooses the botanical goods, loads up his car, and heads back to his studio in Venice where he takes a nap until the sun rises. 

There's a bit of a stigma that flowers die very quickly. Mine do not. I only use the freshest flowers so they last long. And I intend to continue to do that. 

With Untho fully plenished, Spencer takes to the sunny streets, ready for a day amongst the people. One of his favorite things about having a mobile flower shop is being able to meet so many people, from all over the world—many who are individuals that would never have stepped into a flower shop otherwise—and surprise them with his bouquets. 

Spencer stays until the flowers are all gone or the sun sets. 

Spencer Falls