Mi Amor: The Mia Moore Floral Arrangement

Deep love.

True love.

My love.

Mi Amor.

Set the tone for date night, a wedding, or a party with an arrangement that is both subtle and stunning. This arrangement will make guests double-take because it is simple and eye-catching at the same time. 

Send a message that is both elegant and classy. This arrangement starts with calm tones but with the addition of vivid accenting colors makes the Mia Moore floral arrangement perfect for so many occasions. 

It’s no wonder why the name of this arrangement sounds like “my love” in Spanish. It has the feel of a new sweetheart love and the maturity of a long love story. This arrangement features a few brilliantly colored flowers that blend well to make hearts melt. 

Peonies, Tulips, Roses, Spray Roses, and Wax Flowers all give this decoration a full body without losing intimacy. This is the arrangement for sweet bouquets or inviting table settings. It features bright reds and oranges of the deep Roses and vibrant Tulips that are kindly offset by the light hues of the Spray Roses and Peonies. The Wax Flowers fill in the gaps with a smooth white tint that blends each color into the others seamlessly. 

The ever-present message of a Rose still stands true despite the passing of time. The gift of a Rose is the declaration of love. A love that embodies the person it’s given to long after the flowers begin to wilt. The Peony flower, however, is symbolic of bashfulness but also that of love and compassion. This sends a lovely message for newlyweds. Tulips are unique in their message of not only love, but a perfect love. This arrangement is full of large, bright and colorful flowers and full of large, bright, and colorful emotions as well. 

The Mia Moore makes a great gift to tell someone how you feel and is simple enough to make the message very clear. This arrangement looks great with wedding and bridesmaids’ gowns as well as in a vase on a kitchen table. 

This grouping of flowers comes in its own special vase. A romantic message with the flowers that make up this arrangement is made even sweeter with a personally cut wine glass to hold them together. 

The Mia Moore arrangement goes extremely well with fall and winter colors. The deep reds and bright pinks set a cool tone and stand out against fall neutral colors and winter whites. The orange Tulips mesh well with fall’s changing colors and will add just enough fun to make this arrangement send a carefree message as well. 

The Mia Moore is an elegant and classy floral arrangement that is sure to impress your guests. Its varying shades are sure to grab attention and complement the mood of any party or event. This arrangement is so versatile in that it will work great for a special occasion or just an addition to the countertop at home. 

Spencer Falls