How to Take the Best Care of Your Orchid

Orchids are known as one of the largest families of flowers in the world. So there’s no surprise that they are regarded so significantly. Orchids are a prized flower, and rare species can cost thousands of dollars! They’ve become a best-selling flower here in the United States, thanks in no small part to their wide and varied aesthetic qualities.

Here are five simple tips that will keep your orchid happy, healthy, and beautiful during the colder months.

Give it Light
Extend the life of you orchid’s blooms by making sure it’s getting enough light during these shorter winter days. Move it to the sunniest room in the room with most windows. 

Watch for Draft
Whether it’s from the front door or from when you turn on the heater, try to keep your orchid away from drafts. If you notice your plant’s buds falling off, it likely has been exposed to a draft.

Check the Roots
Just like our skin, winter air can dry out your orchid. Check you orchid’s root to make sure it’s receiving enough water. If you notice your plant’s roots are dry and gray or it its leaves are wrinkled, it probably needs a bit more water. Increase either the amount of water you’re using or the frequency of watering until you notice the roots have turned green and plump.

Remember, overwatered roots look brown and mushy!

Make is Humid
Orchids love humid environments, which the winter is not. But it’s easy to increase the humidity around your plant. Make a humidity tray by filling a shallow tray with pebbles and some water and placing your orchid on top. Used a humidifier in the room where you place your orchid. You can even mist you orchid with water from a spray bottle. 

Keep it Cool
While orchids thrive in water temperatures, the drier heat of winter is definitely not their favorite. Try moving your orchid to a cooler location. Orchids prefer cooler air to the warmer, drier air that comes with most heated winter environments. 

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