Wow Your Guests with More Than Just Food

Holiday Blog Arranagement .jpeg

There’s no debate about it, the holidays are all about the decorating. We fill our homes with beautiful adorned Christmas trees. We pull out the Menorahs that have been passed down from generation to generation. We hang lights, keep Frank Sinatra playing all day, and we even attempt to light the fireplace for the first time this year!


Our favorite part of holiday decorations are the flowers, of course.


Special care and attention to detail is important when adding festive arrangements to your dinner table, let your guests know just how much you appreciate them. So this holiday, make your dinner an affair to remember!


To get this look, Spencer created a miniature garden atop a dinner table using a medley of eucalyptus, wax flower, acacia, and thistle. The variety of texture, greens, and color creates a classic, holiday feel, with a stylish twist.

Because the only thing better than a dinner party, is a gorgeous dinner party!

Spencer Falls