The Urban Flower Bomb

The Urban Flower Bomb


I got my hands on one hundred and fifty empty spray cans by pure chance... Yep, thats right. I parked up on Main Street, Santa Monica, this place called Paint Lab lay across the footpath. I'd flirted with the idea of visiting a time or two in the past, didn't happen. Well, this time they were closing up for good. They were over it, and they had a wooden crate of empty spray cans just sitting there. I asked the dude what the deal was and the next thing I knew they were in my van.

This is is just one use i've found for them.

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The cans were acquired out of share luck. I pulled into a parking space on main street and there they were, inside the gate of a closing art space. I asked the guy what was happening to them and the next thing I knew we were loading them into my van.