Califia Farms - Cultivators

Meet Spencer Falls, aka The Unlikely Florist, and see how he's shaking up the floral industry in the latest installment of 'Cultivators.' - CALIFIA FARMS


Vogue- Venice Beach Hidden Gems

Falls launched The Unlikely Florist’s headquarters at 715 Hampton Drive, a 2,000-square-foot art warehouse space, available by appointment only for arrangements of all shapes and sizes. - VOGUE


Air BnB - City Hosts

An expat New Zealander, artist, and actor, I've carved out a role as "The Unlikely Florist" selling flowers from my 1980 VW van. My mobile flower shop, Unthos Fiores, can be found parked in Venice. - AIR BNB



Sometimes an innovative business idea can come from simply looking beyond how and where most of the industry works. Prime example: Spencer Falls and his mobile floral business, The Unlikely Florist. - STAPLES


LIVING SPACES - How Spencer Falls Became The Unlikely Florist

After dreaming of playing on New Zealand’s national rugby union team, then turning to snowboarding, then getting into acting (which meant waiting tables, which I sucked at), I didn’t just become a florist. I became The Unlikely Florist.


HUFFINGTON POST - This Actor Selling Flowers Out of His VW Van Couldn’t Be More Venice

Untho isn’t just any van; he’s a 1980 Volkswagen Vanagon in prairie gold with custom wood floors and a Navaho blanket hanging from the ceiling. Falls tricked it out himself, even going so far as the cut the fabric and sew the curtains. And Untho is filled with flowers, or what Falls dubs, “bouquet art.” - HUFFINGTON POST