Classic Bowl By EMK Ceramics

Classic Bowl By EMK Ceramics


Erin (EMK) and Jamie are the only ones that dared rival the Clement Boys back yard. Of course they had no chance, that was clear to everyone from The Silver Triangle, to Rose Ave. Then Erin had to go and through a kiln and a trowing station. Plus their veggie garden was pretty epic this past summer. Anyhow, I concede. 

Check out these back yard creations...

Thrown and trimmed by hand in Venice, CA

Clay: Toasted Sand

Dimensions: 2.5"H x Bottom: 3.5"L Top: 5"L

Food Safe | Lead Free | Dishwasher Safe

*Minimal variations in color, size, shape and glaze may occur as each piece is handmade and unique. Please allow up to 14 business days before shipping as most pieces are made to order

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