Illumination Candle By Kassia Surf X Josh Beckman

Illumination Candle By Kassia Surf X Josh Beckman


Kassia Surf create each of their Illumination Candle series with different, local ceramicists to bring you something unique, handmade, and timeless. For their third candle in this series, they teamed up with SoCal native, Josh Beckman who’s exploration of form color and texture is driven by a keen interest in materials and processes along with his strong connection to the outdoors and the perpetual inspiration found in natural environments. 

These limited edition candles are a perfect way to warm your space with a soft glow and clear energy with the sacred scent of our Breuzinho soy surf wax. Breuzinho is used by shamans in healing rituals to ward off evil spirits, and invokes conscious dream state after ritualistic use. 

When the wax burns out, you have a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece that can be turned into a small planter, key holder, trinket dish, and anything else you dream up.

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