The Vernon / MONTHLY

The Vernon / MONTHLY

85.00 every month

The 'VERNON' is the sweet spot if you ask me...

At this size you’ve got room for all the rare and beautiful flowers we love! You’ve got the choice of an 9 inch Vase either made in house at TUF or by Mad Rey Clay. Our one of a kind vases, with complimentary elements Copper, Wood, Glass and Brass are an abstract take on a vase that is as much a conversation piece as the flowers that fill it.

However if you’re more on the ceramic vibe Maddie, of Mad Rey Clay throughs the best dirt. You’re options are white on white or dealers choice with a earthier vibe…

What about the flowers you say?... Well, Speaking of flowers, this arrangement will be a combination of locally grown greens and flowers and a couple exotic stems to keep you guessing. As a subscriber you can expect an arrangement that considers color, texture, fragrance and composition...

We look forward to dropping these in your vase!