Tessa & James

I was introduced to Tess through a great friend of mine, Hannah. She was yerning for some Aussie natives for her wedding at Sunset Ranch on the north Shore of Oahu, but was worried they’d be hard to source out on the island. My response was, “No worries, mate!” Naturally... I sourced a few on the Island, sneaked a few threw customs and come the big day, the entire wedding party was so happy with the flowers, that even the boys wrapped their hands around the brides bouquets! 

Tessa and James were such a pleasure to work with. They were so relaxed and left a lot of the creative details to us. Thanks so much for the trust and the opportunity to be a part of you’re special day. It’s one we’ll never forget. Aloha!



Floral Creative

With every destination wedding the goal is to incorporate the flowers that are true to the parties roots while being considerate of the local flora. In this case a mix of the tropics of Hawaii and the robust blooms of Australia’s harsh climate were to play a complementary contrast on one another....

It’s true that Hawaii, with it’s rich soil, is incredible for growing just about anything and flowers are no exception. With a white King Protea taking center stage in Tessas’ bouquet, a generous amount of blushing bride (Serruria Florida) sprinkled throughout the wedding and the perfect amount of eucalyptus we moved from Aus to the Tropics...

At the local market I found some of the most beautiful Leucadendron I’ve ever come across and soon after a cruise commute from the hustle of Honolulu to the casual summer vibes of the north shore I’d seen just enough blooming Bromelia and flourishing monstera to pull off to the side of the road, take a walk through the jungle for a good old forage.


Matt & roxanne

I don’t recall exactly how Roxanne and I got connected. However, I can tell you that for the first few weeks of planning I was consistently referring to her ‘Sanora’ wedding. I‘m thankful this didn’t raise a red flag for her right off the bat and I’m proud to say I think she feels the same way.

When the highly anticipated day arrived I was on the road early in order to reach the venue in time to make adornments and what a beautiful venue it was. A quaint church nestled amongst a little forest willow trees. It wasn’t long before the ceremony commenced and I was luck enough to attend what I quickly realized was a celebration of the love shared by two, absolute legends.

Thanks for allowing me that opportunity to adorn your special day Matt & Roxanne. 
Hospitable, humble and considerate on your special day. Congratulations!



Floral Creative 

As this was a December wedding we decided to keep the florals deep and dark. Magnolia and Eucalyptus acted as a strong bed of greens and with a touch of agonies we had our base...

From there it was about elevating the presence of the arrangements while being true to the sensibility of the celebration...

With the Queen Protea acting as our tonal north star we added touches of red grevillea and blush roses to lighten the load a little.


Palos Verdes 

Alisa & Mark

When you’re not connected to a couple in any other way then their interest in having you adorn their wedding it brings about two feeling...

One of responsibility and apprehension, as this may be the only opportunity you get to impact their life, so ya know, you really want it to be a positive one... The other of pure flattery, as the couple have chosen you and you’re floral sensibility to make their big day as beautiful as they always envisioned.

From the moment I met Mark and Alisa it was clear to me that we’d enjoy every moment of the process of coming up with the floral touches to their celebration. 

They we’re so relaxed, so trusting and so open minded, which went a long way as this was one of my first weddings...

Thanks for the trust and opportunity Mark & Alisa



Floral Creative

September is a time of muted tones in the land of blooming plants. Many are laying low as the winter months are soon to arrive and their natural preparation is to brace for the colder conditions...

This played right into our hands, either that or it was an influence we anticipated and ultimately leaned into. We decided on strong robust greens with silver and white notes as a through tone only adding strong reds when we felt in necessary to create a little drama...

To this day these personals are some of my favorites I’ve ever come up with.


Copy of Wayfarer's Chapel Wedding by Little Boat Photography


Adam & Alisa

Where to start with these two...  Just look at them! They’re all class, they’re timeless, but most of all they’re madly in love. I’ve known these two since, like, week three into this flower racket and TUF surely wouldn’t be where it is today without their support. 

Now for the story of a classy wedding... Adam and Alisa woke up on the eve of their wedding to an unusually smoky LA sky... Malibu was burning and so too was their wedding location. However these two made a couple stressless calls. To be clear, the were chilling... 

The solution was The Lowes Hotel on Hollywood & Highland... From Calamigos Ranch, rustic and outdoor to a Hollywood hotel ballroom. 

It was a vibe change to say the least but to Adam and Alisa, it was no mellow. No biggy.

Alisa, you looked breath taking! You handled the curve ball of curvy balls with such poise and easy. It was beautiful.

Adam, you’re speech bro... Legend. Oh, and don’t forget to put your vase out. 

Got subscriptions out for delivery tomorrow morning.




Adam and Alisa are OG. Their interest laid in creating a vibe. Creating a tone for the occasion... 

They wanted the flowers to bring surprising pops of color that would complement in their contrast... So that’s what they got.

I got my hands on a stunning white King protea to lay at the heart of Alisa’s bouquet only to surround it with blues, yellows reds and silvers.

Their wedding offered an exciting challenge too... They were to be married under a Chuppah, not only that but I would take on the construction of this Chuppah. I coursed some raw birch and got to work... When the location changed, it occurred to me that the vibe may have been off but as it turned out it really helped ground the ceremony in it’s original roots. What a ceremony it was too.

Congrats Mr and Mrs Rosenbaum!